The "Yellow Route" to Úholičky is scenic.   The "Orchard Route" to Úholičky is even more scenic, but is slightly longer

The 2.2km walk to Úholičky from IdyllicPrague Conifer Cottage and Cherry Tree Cottage is gentle and pleasant for all the family. It is also suitable for bicycles. Attractions in Úholičky include family friendly pub restaurants a castle with its own brewery and forest adventure play areas. From Úholičky you may wish to continue your country walk to breath-taking craggy vista viewpoints or quaint river ferries dedicated to ramblers and bicycles. If you are looking for a longer walk or bicycle ride you might consider crossing the Vltava River on the Přívoz Úholičky - Husinec bicycle ferry, walking or cycling 4km on the far side of the river, and returning via the bicycle rope-ferry at Přívoz Klecánky - Roztoky

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